Children’s Church & Nursery

Sprouts Nursery Class

  • Sprouts Nursery Class

    Sprouts Nursery opens at 9:15 before our Sunday church service. You may also drop your child off after worship when the older kids go to their classes.

    • Nursery class is for children from birth to 3 years
    • Director: Barb Malloy
  • Children’s Church

    Children’s Church classes meet after worship during our Sunday church service (around 10:15).

    • Classes are offered for children 3 years through 5th grade
    • Director: Nanette Knuth
  • Middle School Class

    The middle school class meets after worship during our Sunday church service (around 10:15).

    • The middle school class is for 6th to 8th grade.
    • Director: Annie Callahan
  • Our Children’s Ministry Philosophy

    All of our children’s church volunteers (teachers and helpers) have undergone a background check and CSAP training. For more information, feel free to contact one of our children’s ministry directors.

    At RMCM, our philosophy about children’s ministry is that it should be a genuine ministry, and not just daycare or babysitting. We believe that God has commissioned us with the responsibility of raising up the next generations to know and follow the Lord. Our children are the next generation of Christians who, should Jesus not return in our lifetime, will carry the message of Jesus Christ to the ends of the Earth.

    We believe that children have the same ability to know God, hear His voice, and minister in His name as adults do. In many cases, children are more sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit because of their innocent heart attitude. We want to be sure that in all we do we are equipping our kids to be strong relevant Christians in the world in which they live.

    With that in mind, the goal of our children’s ministry is to help them develop their own life-giving relationship with God. This is accomplished by teaching children the scriptures, encouraging their own personal growth in Jesus Christ, giving them opportunities to serve, and modeling the Spirit-filled Christian life for them. To accomplish this goal, we maintain a team of Children’s Church teachers, and assistants that serve on a rotating schedule.

    Children’s ministry is an essential part of God’s plan for the entire family. Find out how you can be involved! Barb or Nanette would love to have you on their team!

Our Children’s Ministry Philosophy