Testimonies & Blessings, from Pastor John

This morning I took our dog out for a walk around VanTyle. Actually, she was trotting and loping and I was riding my bike, so not so much of a walk I guess. As I was going, I began to pray for all of you, and for our community in general. I was reminded of several things that were happening today, including the teachers being back in their classrooms for the first time since March, and the kids getting ready to go to school in a couple of days.

I began my prayer by thanking God for all of you, and then simply began to speak blessing over you. As often happens, I found myself stuck on one phrase that comes from the list of blessings for covenant people that is found in Deuteronomy 28. One of the blessings there says, “The Lord will command His blessing on your storehouses, and on everything you set your hand to (or, everything you undertake)”

Think of it, God Almighty will command his blessing on your storage places (plural: cupboards, refrigerators, gas tanks, bank accounts, etc.,) and on everything you set your hand to. That is a big promise! Of course, it assumes we are walking with God, listening to his voice, and doing what he tells us to do. Still, this is planet earth where there are many things that can go wrong. But, we have God’s promise to bless everything we set our hand to do as we walk along with him through life.

That promise has not faded at all in this strange season. In the last four days alone, I have heard six dramatic testimonies about God’s blessing on people’s work.

  • One person was asking God for a certain increase in pay and received half again that increase plus an extra day off every week – without asking his employer for any of it.
  • Another person has been believing God for employment in a specific sector. When it looked like all doors were closed, and nothing would be available, a new position was suddenly created that fit her skills perfectly. The job was offered to her out of the blue, and she started work today.
  • Another man that lost most of his business in March, has now gained new clients to the point that he is just short of what he had before COVID.
  • Another man talked about how tough his industry is right now, and the fact that it looks like this will be his best year ever.
  • And one person had recently been told she would have to work every Sunday morning from now on. She was unhappy about it, but just prayed and went to work. Her unbelieving boss came in the other day and told her he had been unable to sleep after telling her she couldn’t go to church on Sundays. He put her on a Monday through Friday schedule – she hadn’t said a word to him!!

All of these people are part of RMCM, but we have been hearing testimonies like this from believers all over the country. God is faithful, and a virus does not derail his blessing. Right now, as you read these stories, if you are struggling, you have two choices. You can be discouraged, and wonder why you have not experienced this kind of blessing, or you can rejoice and thank God, knowing that he is no respecter of persons and that what he has done for one, he will do for another. Another believer’s blessing is your blessing too! Your day is coming!

I want to encourage you today in the face of this weird season, to press into God all the more, watch your words, and speak blessing over yourself and the world around you. This is a perfect time for God to show himself strong on your behalf. Keep moving forward, do the next right thing, love God, love people, live generously, and share your testimonies with others.

Karen and I love you all,

Pastor John