I just wanted to share two good quotes that I got from one of the latest Bethel Church Sermons of the Week by Bill Johnson. I was driving and had to pull over so I could send myself a voice text just so I wouldn’t forget it. Whenever something stands out to me I like to spend a little extra time thinking about it and I usually end up sharing it with someone! It’s just too good to keep to yourself!

Matt 12:34, Luke 6:45 and Mt.15:18-19 tell us that what is in the heart in abundance is going to come out our mouths. When you are full of the good stuff that you see in the Word or that God has shown you, you just can’t keep quiet.

That brings me to the first quote, “Both hope and hopelessness are contagious, you choose how infectious you want to be.”

I love that!

The second quote is just something we have to keep a watch over ourselves during this time of Covid 19 or any threatening time. “Use common sense, common sense is good. But don’t let common sense be a hiding place for fear.” I love that. It is really a heart issue and fear can sneak up on you, especially when there is so much of it around us. When you do find fear in your heart that is just a reminder to run to God, spend time in His presence thinking about what He has said and promised. Speak His words aloud, not the words from the spirit of fear.

He has overcome, and we are overcomers in Him! Let’s be infectious with the good news, hope and peace that He has given us as we abide in Him. In Him we find rest and peace. Let us spread it around and be a blessing to those around us.

Love you guys,