Beginning Saturday, April 15th join us for the FREE 8-week interactive course, “Biblical Citizenship in Modern America.”

Produced by Patriot Academy


This course is designed to awaken you to the dynamic unity of being both a citizen of the Kingdom of God & a good citizen on earth, and to restore Biblical values & liberty at the local level & beyond.

Learn how the Founders relied on their Biblical worldview to secure the blessings of liberty that we enjoy today. Immerse yourself in encouraging historical facts & inspirational true stories that are rarely taught in our educational institutions today.

This course offers the quick-start guide to the US Constitution, complete with an overview of all the Articles & Amendments via interactive & fast-paced presentations, that are geared to individuals age 10 and over.


Starting Saturday, April 15th from 10 am to Noon.


Hosted by Rocky Mountain Christian Ministries

1040 Highway 135 Gunnison, CO.


For More Information Contact: – Gary Montgomery – 970-641-2274


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