Youth Meet Up

October 8th

November 12th

All 6th – 12th-grade students are invited to join us for a fun youth outing on the 2nd Sunday in September, October, and November during church. 

Right after worship, the students will be released to load up into the church vehicles to go to with our youth leaders. They will play games, do team building activities, and have a great time getting to know each other and grow in God together. 

Students must have an RMCM Waiver and Mountaineer Field House Waiver completed and signed in order to attend! (Click the links to download & print. We will also have them available at the church.)


October 8th  ~  November 12th

After worship (about 10 AM) students will be released for this activity.

Please be sure you have your completed waivers turned in before church starts!

Students will be back at RMCM by 11:30 AM. Parents can grab a snack, and hang out at RMCM until the students are back.