Generations Fund



The Generations Project is an annual financial goal for the congregation and partners of RMCM. The funds given toward Generations will be used for property acquisition and development, with the additional goal of eventually eliminating debt and completing the vision for the RMCM property, so that when this ministry is turned over to the next generation, it is a well-established and debt-free foundation upon which they can build.


We have always been blessed with a wonderful and generous group of believers at RMCM. For individual participants, Generations is not a redirection of our current tithes and offerings; it is an opportunity to believe God to do something more, something special, in our lives each year. I believe that God has given us Generations, not just as a means of raising funds, but as a faith training tool that will take us further as a congregation. Generations will sharpen our ability to extend corporate faith and agreement for specific, and naturally impossible, things, and to thereby see God’s purposes for RMCM come to pass step by step. Remember, that we believe that God has called us to establish at the least, a local church, a School of Ministry, and a K through 12 Christian school. We have a long way to go!


2017 GOAL

Our total for 2016 was $6508! Thank you for continuing to give above and beyond your tithes to the Generations Fund! We will continue to have this available in 2017! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to know that the people of this church, many of whom have had a tough several years financially, are so willing to jump on board and believe God to do bigger things in their lives.

I’m hoping that individuals and families will seek God for a figure that stretches their faith, then pray and actively believe Him to bring that extra income into their hands in some way. What an awesome thing for the kids to be involved in! I have a sense that some people, as they set their hearts to build God’s dream in this way, are going to see some financial breakthrough that they have been needing.


To give into Generations, please mark your check, envelope, or online gift for “Generations” in the memo. 

Our plan at this time is to put those funds into savings, and at the end of the year, decide how to apply them within the guidelines above.